Opening specific URL in DA

I feel stupid, but I can’t figure out how to open a specific URL with DA (in order to store it in DT).

Let’s say I am sitting on the webpage with Safari.  What do I do next?




select the URL and use the service "DEVONagent > Open URL"


copy the URL to the clipboard, choose "New browser" in DA, paste the URL into the address field and press enter.

Thanks, Shireen.  After discovering that ENTER works but RETURN doesn’t, I got DA to open the specific URL.  That will be useful.

But now, for reasons that escape me, I cannot move the page into DT.  I click the button, I use the menu item, but both simply produce a "you-lose-big" bonk.  What am I doing wrong?

Also, when I used DA to locate interesting webpages and transferred them to DT, the graphics did not transfer.  Is that me or the program?

Thanks again,



please verify that DEVONthink is located inside the folder /Applications and that you’ve logged out and in at least one since the installation of DEVONthink. If this won’t solve the problem, try to disable installed APE modules (if there are any).

Furthermore, DEVONagent transfers only HTML and no images or other embedded objects at the moment. This might change in the future though.

That didn’t work the first time but I’ll experiment with it.

However, I found I could transfer the page (this page) to the Archive and then drag it from the archive to DT.  Moreover, the page I dragged over had our thumbnail pictures with it.  (I was still online, however, in case they disappear when I check back later.)

Keeps me from getting bored.

Thanks for your help.


It’s also possible to drag results from the “Pages” tab to other applications, e.g. to browser windows of DEVONthink.