Opening Three DBs

Is there a limit on the number of databases DEVONThink To Go can open?

I routinely use three DBS on my Mac but the iPad won’t open the third.

How can I force it to open the final DB?

steve lee

The third should open (over here, I normally have 5 databases synced to DTTG). Are you sure you actually synced something in that database? Do you have sufficient free space on your iPad?

Yes, I have content in Sync that appears to sync to the iPad but the db does not appear.

And my iPad has 6 Gb free.

iPad opens the other two DBs just fine.


So you sync the database but it simply doesn’t appear in the list of databases? Hmm. Have you tried to reset DEVONthink To Go (using the reset switch in the Settings) and sync everything again, just as a test?