Opening URL of formatted note

I have in a database a number of formatted notes and rich text files, which originally were web pages.
If a document is in some way incomplete, for a rich text file I can choose Data -> Launch URL and get the original document, as it exists on the internet, in Safari.
For a formatted note, this SOMETIMES doesn’t work. Instead Safari opens the path (file://), so I get the same document I was already viewing. Yet the URL is present in the metadata.
Edit: See uploaded database for a deficient file (somehow conversion from bookmark to formatted note went wrong) that shows this behavior. If I select the file in the database and do a Launch URL, it works as expected. But if I open it and then do a Launch URL (the usual situation, because that’s when I see the conversion went wrong) then Safari gets the file path instead of the source URL

Thank you for the bug report, the next release will fix this.