opening word-docs straight in word

Hi @ all,

during the last 3 weeks I integrated DTPO into my everyday work. The biggest issues are solved, now come the small ones.

One is the following: If I want to open a word-doc, I always have to press shift+cmd+o because the normal double click just opens the DT-preview. So I’d like to basically kick the DT-preview and want to be able to open the docs straight in word. I went through the menus, scannt the help, had a look in the forum search, now I’m here.

Hopefully someone knows which screw I have to turn to do what I would like to do.

All the best


Command-shift-o it is, or right-click and select Open With.

Or you can add the icon to your Toolbar to open a file with its external application. This even saves you one click. 8)