Opening XPS Files - "trial version" stamped across the previ

When I look at an file with an xps extension, it shows me the file in the preview panel but has “Trial Version” stamped across the page.

Anyone know why that is and how to change it?

DEVONthink uses the QuickLook definitions that are installed on your system for a particular file type. Most likely, you have an application that installed a QuickLook generator for .xps files, and that generator is applying the watermark you are seeing. In Finder, browse to a .xps file, click the Finder Info button, and see what application has been assigned as the default “Open with:” application for that file type. It is in Finder that you’ll need to adjust the “Open with” assignment to some other .xps editor. If the change doesn’t immediately appear in DT (it should), quit and restart the app.