OPML Export in DT3

I’m playing around in DT3 with RSS feeds and it doesn’t look like the OPML export is working as I would expect.


  • Select a group of RSS Feeds or select multiple RSS Feeds in the item list.
  • File > Export > as OPML…

Expected: An OPML file that has each RSS feed with a link.
Actual: An OPML of just the titles of the RSS feeds.

It looks like there isn’t an actual URL associated with the feed in the inspector for DT3, where in DT2 there was. I’m assuming this is because RSS feeds are special groups now? The Feeds do work, so there is a URL being stored somewhere! But now that I’m searching, I can’t seem to find where I’d go about changing a feed URL either.

See below for a quick screen shot to show the difference between what I get from export an OPML in DT3 and DT2.

Both the OPML export and feeds are actually identical in version 2/3 and the export works as expected. However, there’s a bug in the first beta that can remove the URL of feeds/bookmarks in case of multiple selections. Beta 2 will fix this.

Got it. Thank you!