After being a DevonThink user for two weeks now I am thrilled by all the program does for me. So i watched the tutorial-videos to learn more than the obvious (though I use pro office 2 beta and the vids are about 1).

There was this thing about importing a mindmap via OPML and then it would turn into a group structure. I tried to do so with a OPML, which I created with my favorite mindmap software Mindnode but it did not turn into much. Actually there was just one folder left of my elaborate tree :frowning: .

Is it because 2 is still beta, or because mindnode’s opml are somehow broken or simply because I am a newby who has not understood something vital in this task? :slight_smile:

Edit: Ups - this should have gone into trouble-shooting. Sorry!! Can some moderator help me to bring my first post there? Thanks!