OPT Gives Same Results With and Without Using It

We are unable get the OPT operator to work for us. Devon Support has been great about answering all our questions, but so far, no solutions on this issue. We’re posting in the Forum in the hopes that others might have some additional help figuring this out.

Essentially, we get the same results when we use OPT or not, as in this example:


Any help is appreciated, thanks!

term1 OPT term2 means that only the first term is required, the second one is optional and might or might not be part of the results.

Most search engines don’t support all operators/wildcards supported by DEVONagent. Therefore DEVONagent converts the operators to supported, similar operators if possible, sends the converted search term to the search engine, retrieves the results and matches them on its own. E.g. the OPT operator is converted to the OR operator if not supported by the search engine.

But all operators/wildcards are fully supported by e.g. crawling or secondary search terms. In addition, the OPT operator might slightly affect the ranking of the results but that depends heavily on the query and the results.