Opt-Tab should not move to tags bar

Until now, Opt-Tab was a reliable way to move from the title of an item to its content. I use this in system scripting to get to the edit area quickly.

However, if you have the tags bar visible Opt-Tab now moves there instead, with a second Opt-Tab necessary to get to the body. But if no tag bar is there, a single Opt-Tab is needed.

I’d prefer either that Opt-Tab always toggle between the same two items, or that a new Cmd-Shift-Opt-E option be added which says “Move point to edit area”. Actually, this would be my #1 preference. Along with Cmd-Shift-Opt-T for “Move to tags, revealing it if necessary”.


I’ve got trigger finger - my hands don’t move well. OPT-TAB,TAB (not really two OPT-TABS) is comfortable - versus the four-key, two-handed, hard-to-remember strokes? I don’t think so. Movements like that aren’t easy for some of us.

I picked those for two reasons: That’s what Scrivener uses, and it’s only something I would use in Scripts.

I don’t mind Opt-Tab, I just want deterministic (i.e., not current-state-dependent) functionality. I want a single key that always takes me to the edit window, not a key that might or might not do it. That’s unscriptable.


If you use it for scripts the better way would be to ask for a direct AppleScript command for moving the focus. Would be handy for me as well (especially “Go to last position of viewer content” would be very handy for me).

New commands for that in the Go To menu would also help. So everyone could define the shortcut of his/her liking.


And also the tool of their liking. For these kinds of automations I much prefer the simplicity of QuicKeys to banging out scripts.


So, why not something that only matters in Scripts. Like properties for the window item that map to physical loci of the UI? Makes for better software and respects usability (not that the existing DT UI is all that accessible :frowning: ).