Optimizing a sync store?

I have a question to the sync stores and the history of changes of a database.

In my case I have a DB for old data - mostly from Evernote (about 5000 files) and Gmail (about 10000 files).

I am restructuring this data when I have some time. That means, I move some files in some groups in this db.

Now I had a broken db on one of my three computers and now syncing the complete db from the sync store. I see that it has more than 125000 items. Thats about 10 times the files that the db contains.

So I think about deleting the sync store and opening a new one.

Before I do that and scedule it for the future one time per year - I would like to ask if it’s right, that the sync store contains the complete history of a db and gets even bigger when there are files deleted in the db.

The number of items is not comparable to databases, it can be both much smaller & larger.

Sync stores don’t contain the complete history. The internal garbage collection automatically removes obsolete stuff.

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