Oh please oh please…

Just one MORE view option and I’ll never ask for anything again… :slight_smile:

JUST LIKE the current “three-pane view,” except the content panel is on the right side,

EXACTLY LIKE NetNewsWire’s “Widescreen View”

OK then! Good for you? :slight_smile:

Thank you for the suggestion, we’ll consider this for a future release.


Oh pleeeeeze?! Put it on the list! :slight_smile:

Hi, cyol. You don’t have to wait. I’ve been doing that for years.

I’ve sized my windows so that the view windows occupy the left and middle areas of my screen, and the Info panel occupies a portion of the right side.

DT Pro remembers my screen setups. So when I’ve got a Three-Panes view open, there is the Info panel, with the Comment field and other useful information in place.

Whenever the Info panel gets in the way (such as when using See Also), just minimize it to the Dock and recall it when needed.

With the Info panel visible, one can Launch Path or Launch URL with just a click on the appropriate symbol in the Info panel.

Thanks Bill, but that’s not it. We all have our fetishes, :wink: and mine is seeing all content in vertical panels. What I’m -not very well- describing is this:

Imagine the Three Pane view, without the ‘preview’ pane at the bottom.

This request is for an option to have the ‘preview’ pane stuck to the right side, like NNW’s widescreen view, or the option one has to view like this with Gyazmail.

For some reason I really don’t like to double-click on an item (or press cmd-o) to see most of the item’s contents, so I like to read it in the preview pane. But I can’t stand wide and short panes. Yuck.

So what I’m dreaming of is a hybrid view with the goodness of the vertical split, with the navigation characteristics of the three-pane.

Here’s a view of my email app, Gyazmail, which is what I’m describing.

And here’s NNW’s:

Hey, I know this isn’t top-tier request, but jes’ keepin’ it alive!

Thanks for your time, all…

Hi, Chuck. I side with you about vertical panes, especially when I’m writing or editing material. So I usually work in the Vertical Split view.

For years I’ve been working with a layout of view windows that’s remembered by DT Pro. I like to have the Info panel displayed on the right side of the screen and my view windows on the left, extending to the right so that they abut the Info panel.

That gives me a layout not unlike your pictures, but with more room for the text panel.

I’ve posted a picture called Modified Vertical Split at http://homepage.mac.com/WebObjects/FileSharing.woa/37/wo/iLHT603F9Qa8370J.1/

That particular image is of a Vertical Split view of my Bookmarks group, displaying the forum Web page, and with notes in Comment about whatever I was responding to at the moment – perhaps a reminder to come back to a particular post. (The screen shot was of my old Titanium PowerBook 15-inch.)

Of course, this works with the other view options and document windows as well.

I like having the Info panel ‘permanently’ visible alongside my views and documents, as I often make use of other elements in addition to the Comment field. If the Info panel gets in the way, as when I invoke See Also or Classify, I’ll minimize or close it. When I want it again, clicking the Info button in the toolbar pops Info right back into my designed position for it.

Just another of my many kludges to set up my database working environment to suit my own preferences. :slight_smile:

Bill, when I open your link in the browser I get a message, that the page no longer exists. I am really curious for your workaround, because your workarounds usually work great!


Hi, Mark. I just checked again at this URL http://homepage.mac.com/WebObjects/FileSharing.woa/wa/default?user=wbdeville&templatefn=FileSharing5.html&xmlfn=TKDocument.5.xml&sitefn=TKSite.2.xml&aff=consumer&cty=US&lang=en and the picture is still up and can be downloaded.

interesting - good idea to free up space for the info panel.
Thank you for providing the link


Yeah, I had the access problem earlier as well but now I guess the server’s up.

That works just dandy if you’re already in a group with few items, or have few groups with few items. If the group structure was just to the left of all that, it would be just dandy for moving around. The ‘groups panel’ almost/could works well enough for that, but it doesn’t behave like the groups pane does when it’s in the sidebar of the three-pane view.

Sooo, the answer is, what you got, PLUS the groups pane to the left of that!

(Yeah, that’ll happen…well a guy can hope can’t he? LOL)

All the best,

Hi, Chuck. I’ve got something like 50 groups at the top level of my database. But I usually have multiple view windows open, displaying different slices of my database structure.

That picture displays a view of a subgroup in my Bookmarks group.

That’s my kludge for meeting your condition, “if you’re already in a group with few items, or have few groups with few items.”

Note that I sometimes switch to a Three-panes view from my editing mode using the Vertical Split view. The Info panel is still placed to the right of the still properly sized Three-pane view.

Some of my reference groups contain hundreds of documents and replicants under the same group or subgroup. I suppose I could figure out how to sub-classify already sub-grouped literature indefinitely, but I’ve already got over a thousand classification groups. Some rather tightly-defined topics get written about by lots of people, and I often find it useful to capture multiple documents about such a topic. :slight_smile:

Perhaps there will be more views, or modifications of the existing view windows, in the future.

I just wanted to point out one ‘modification’ that’s already possible. Another modification I’ve noted elsewhere is my floating daily journal/note-taking window, which is available not only within DT Pro but for all other applications as well.

About the user environment: I’m surprised at how few comments are made about the “workspaces” scripts available in the Extras folder on the download disk image. These are courtesy of Rudi Grams, and allow one to create several sets of windows for different purposes, and to switch between them. People who have several projects going at the same time may find them useful.

Edit: Reposted my question elsewhere.


+1 for vertical 3-pane view - it’s a must have for everyone using wide-screen laptop.

It’s time for my semi-annual…



Agree entirely. My screens are getting wider, not higher. Most of the other apps I use have the option as a matter of course.

Me too. I agree with inkwell.

Yepp, three-pane widescreen view like in NetNewsWire … I miss that too. :slight_smile:

And another example, the letterbox plugin for Apple’s mail - a 4.5 star rated plugin on macupdate, which does the same thing for mail as we’re discussing for DT.


semi-annual bump!

We got you Bill!

You use Soho Notes!