option-drag makes a copy?

I tried option-dragging an item from the inbox (3-pane view) to one of the suggested folders in the Classify pane. Now there is a copy of the item in that folder, but the info on the original and the new one say neither has a replicant or duplicate.

It appears that I created a new identical item outside the rep/dup system.

Is that right?

Option-drag does create a duplicate document in the database, but DEVONthink does not mark documents as duplicates just because you just duplicated it. DEVONthink marks documents as duplicates when it compares documents to the other documents in the database and finds enough similarity to indicate that it is a duplicate. DEVONthink is very good at this, however there are times when it will flag documents as false duplicates and other times when it does not flag a duplicated document as such. I would expect that the document you duplicated via option-drag is not being recognized as a duplicate. What happens when you explicitly duplicate the document using a command-is it flagged as a duplicate then?

A few subsequent trials failed to reproduce this little glitch. Mostly I was surprised that the key-command worked within DTPro.