Option-Shift-Arrow in Text Behaviour

Hi All,

I don’t know exactly when this happened, but whenever I press option-shift and an up or down arrow key while navigating within an rtf file in a DT edit window, now not only a whole paragraph is selected but simultaneously moved up or down a line. Is this expected behaviour? Did I inadvertently change any preferences? In Pages I get the behaviour I am used to: Select paragraph.

What am I doing wrong?

From the release notes (see the manual (also available through the in-app Help)) for 3.9.1:


Thanks Stephen,

I had not noticed that this was part of the update. Actually, it’s a nice feature, but I hope there is a way to do both. I’ll have a look.


Development would have to look into this.

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That would be nice, to have both options with different key commands.

The next release might use the standard behaviour of Shift-Option-Up/Down again as there are two other possibilities to move lines up/down.

That would be great. The new feature is very handy, but the ability to use both would be even more helpful. So +1 from me.