Option to "deindex"

As a user who makes extensive use of the “Index Files and Folders” function, I would like to first thank the devs for making this immensely useful feature a first-class citizen in DT3. It significantly increases the usefulness and interoperability of DT3 in my workflow.

Second, I would like to request that the right-click context menu show an option to “Deindex” an indexed file or folder, in addition to “Move to Trash.” The rationale is that when I intend to leave the files where they are on the filesystem, I only want to disconnect the index in DT3 from the files, not “move them to the trash." As it is, I need to move them to the DT3 trash but then remember to not delete the files and folders when I empty the trash. This becomes complicated when the trash contains some files that should be deleted from the filesystem and some that should not.

A “deindex” option would avoid the trash altogether in scenarios where deletion from the filesystem is not the intent, thus minimizing the risk of accidental data loss. Thoughts?

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So what happens if you deindex a subgroup of an indexed parent group?
It gets reindexed when you interact with the parent group or update indexed items.
This is the previous behavior of DEVONthink 2.

That makes sense. Could it be resolved by only permitting deindexing of the parent folder?