Option to Delete / Archive files following succesful import


Is it possible to have an option to Delete / Archive files following a successful import into the database?

At least then the files are all moved to one place to check if everything is ok, rather than having files throughout the machine that we have to delete manually.


thanks for the suggestion! There’s already a workaround:

  1. Index the files & folders initially
  2. Select them in DEVONthink and choose “Move into database” in the contextual or action menu

I see, thanks for that, but one question;

Do the indexed files get identified differently in the database, as you again have to remember or already have the files sorted if you want to reselect them again to apply the move to database command.

Perhaps an option to move the same files into the database that you have just indexed?

Edit: I appreciate the little arrow for linked files, but can I filter on the linked files?

Edit2: It looks like I can expand the ‘location’ field, but its not as ideal as filtering on the little arrow :slight_smile:

You could use a smart group “Instance is indexed”.