Option to Disable Details Pane

I would really like a way to disable/hide the “info” pane in DT when viewing the database content in column view. The “info” pane (my name for it) is the right-most column that appears when you click on an individual (non-group item), that shows stuff like creation date, size, name and item icon etc.

Why do I want it hidden? Because it takes up a lot of room (and the item icon is a huge waste of space), and it is unnecessary when the Info Inspector is visible. If you look at the attached screenshot, you will notice that the item details pane and inspector pane show the exact same data right next to each other, which is very redundantly redundant, and greatly reduces the space for additional columns to the left. Many times when I want to rename an item, I click the item and POW, the details pane (which I dont need) appears, and the item I’m trying to rename is shoved sideways to the left and partially disappears under the sidebar (along with the insert cursor). This isnt very user-friendly imho.

Ideally, a setting something like “Hide details pane when Inspector is visible” would do the trick. Or is the details pane ever useful? I certainly never use it (I prefer the Inspector pane).

See View > Show/Hide Details

Argh!!! … how did I miss that ?