Optional "reveal" parameter of x-devonthink-item links

From the release notes for DTPO 2.8.9

How does this work? Adding “&reveal” to a normal x-devon-think-item link, e.g.


doesn’t seem to work.

It would be constructed like this…


I tried this, but adding “?reveal” to URLs does seem to have no effect. DEVONthink only displays the item and doesn’t reveal it in the database/group.

Actually the manual says

page 134

but I cant work out what the additional parameter does. The link behaves the same way for me with or without the reveal parameter. Opening a link to a group opens the group in a new window irrespective of the parameter.


[edit] the link was created in an rtf file in DT’s native editor

Interesting… it worked as expected using a link in TextEdit but now is displaying the file.

Ahh… it appears it’s specifically wired to work with groups.

Sorry not getting it to work at all and yes I assumed it related to links to groups.

Perhaps someone could explain how it differs from a normal link?


Where are you invoking the link from ?