Optional Tag Scoping and Kanban Style Document Management


In GitLab, labels have the option of being scoped by using :: between the key and the value.

The functionality is such that these labels can be used on Kanban boards to control the tasks or steps that must occur to finish that document (example) and what I would like to know is whether there is a way to do this type of thing in DT3 or if it’s an idea worth regarding/implementing?

I would like to track some of my documents through a lifecycle (priority, time, location), while not changing their structure (group). So I was wondering how I could accomplish this. GitLab offers Epics and Milestones, and Iterations for time tracking, but they also have the labels.

For the tags (labels) in DT3, let me give a simple, hypothetical, example…
Having a scoped label would allow me to set a factory location

and priorities

The scoping would allow the tags to act as folders in cases where only one is a valid choice. For example, the product cannot be in two different factories at the same time and it cannot have two different priorities at the same time.

I would expect DT3 to automatically remove the P::2 tag when the P::1 tag is added to the document. Very simple, but it guarantees that only one tag is used at a time.

Do we have any way of handling this inside DT3?

Any thoughts of offering a Kanban Style view horizontally while keeping the hierarchical container structure vertical and then offering filters for the other tags/search tools as we have today for the entire view?

There’s two options in a record’s Info inspector panel; Label and Custom Metadata
The set of values is defined in Preferences
For example, I use Label to identify the status for Tasks

Screen Shot 2022-02-12 at 04.04.11
Screen Shot 2022-02-12 at 04.03.01