Optionally move documents to trash on import

I would appreciate a “Move Original to Trash” check-box on the File > Import > Files and Folders file-picker dialog. Over here, 95% of the time that I have imported something to DEVONthink I get rid of the original. For safety, the check-box can revert to un-selected with each import – doesn’t matter to me whether it does, but for this reason I think it is best not to have such a check-box in Preferences > Import.

The option would save steps.

Thanks for the suggestion! What about drag & drop? Would a modifier key and/or a preference be more useful in that case?

Possibly confusing? I also wouldn’t add a general option to Preferences > Import because that type of option tends to be forgotten. I would limit this to a checkbox (off by default) on the file selector dialog that opens upon choosing File > Import ….

In addition to the dialog (like korm suggests) I’d prefer it be a modifier key with drag & drop, sort like an intra-app version of Command-Drag/Drop for moving files within Finder. Making it a global preference seems too risky, i.e. you set it and forget it (like korm mentioned), then later get move-like behavior when copying is intended.

Another – possibly more straightforward – approach would be to leave Import alone and add a new command File > Move Into Database…. This wouldn’t require any fiddling with options and could also have a drag-drop+modifier option such as @sjk and Christian suggested. It is also consistent with the existing “Move into Database” contextual menu command available for Indexed records – and would have the same result.

Instead of adding a new command, what about extending File > Import > Files and Folders to File > Import > {Copy|Move} Files and Folders, with Copy being the default that changes to Move when the Control- (or maybe Shift- is better?) modifier key is also used with the current Option-Command-I shortcut?

Obvious drawback is being essentially undiscoverable, especially nested under a submenu among the plethora of other Dt commands. Still, I usually prefer commands that appropriately change dynamically with different modifier keys or selection context (e.g. Mark as [Un]Read, which IIRC were originally two commands in Dt before I suggested their merger) instead of making menus larger with separate commands.

PS: I miss your avatar and PM link, korm. :frowning: