Options following unsuccessful Verify & Repair

Hello all – any suggestions?

For a couple of reasons, I was trying to generate an archive of one of my DBs.
It failed, giving me some errors at the point of trying to generate the .zip file.

I fired up Verify & Repair.

The initial verification dialogue:
Found 0 Inconsistencies,
0 incorrect checksums,
1 missing file and
1 orphaned file.

On trying the ‘Repair’, I am met with “Repair Failed 2 errors left”.

A couple of things to note:

The Console.log doesn’t appear to have any new entries pertaining to the Verify/Repair attempt.
Despite being told that I have 1 orphaned file, nothing is present in the Orphaned Files group.
The ‘log’ view, has confirmed that the missing file pertains to an annotation, and futhermore gave me the name of the orphaned file.
The orphaned is to be found at the Files.noindex/pdf/0 folder.

Any suggestions from here? Rebuild the Database?

You could remove the orphaned file on your own in the Finder of course. To find the missing file verify the database, select the entry in the Log panel and reveal the item via the contextual menu. Finally trash the item and empty the trash.

Many thanks, that did the trick.