ordering fields in sheets

I regularly import my bibliography as BibTeX into DT Pro. I notice that it’s possible to rearrange the order of columns (fields) by dragging but that the order reverts to the default as soon as the sheet is deselected or any other operation is carried out. This is unfortunate for 2 reasons:

  1. Author is always way over to the far right even though for most uses you would expect it to be leftmost or near the left.
  2. Because Bookends doesn’t appear to have HTML export, exporting from DT is a nice way to get info on the web. But having to scroll too far to the right to find the author is inconvenient. Is there any way to customize the HTML Export or to reorder the columns permanently in DT Pro?

You can use the contextual menu item “edit columns”. It will display a list of the columns of your sheet. Then you can rearrange the columns by dragging their names in the list. The change is permanent.

I Hope this can helps you


Thanks for the very speedy reply. As you say, the contextual menu seems to make the changes permanent. That in itself is a big help for when I’m working within DT Pro.

Strangely, though, when I export to website, the default order is restored, i.e. author is moved way to the right. Any idea why this might be or what to do about it?


Did you save the sheet after reordering the columns (via Edit Columns…)? Then the order used by the Website export should be identical to the one within DEVONthink.