ordering Trash & Inbox in Unsorted DTP2 views

In DTP2 I’ve been experimenting with keeping the top level of several databases Unsorted, but have run into the following anomaly:

In the first of the databases I fooled around with, I managed to end up with the Inbox at the top and the Trash at the bottom in Unsorted views. I cannot recall how I arrived at this, or whether I was, at that earlier stage, able to move the Trash or Inbox folders around. In any event, this one database has the kind of Unsorted top level I was looking for.

As things currently stand, though, I cannot independently move the Trash or Inbox folders around in any DTP2 database: not any new one, nor the one that happens to have its Inbox and Trash folders where I prefer. In all cases, I can still move all other folders around, as well as move them in between the Trash and Inbox folders, but here’s the rub: for any new database, the Trash is now consistently above :open_mouth: the Inbox in Unsorted views, and I can’t find any obvious way to reverse them.

I appreciate that I can get the Inbox at the top and Trash at the bottom by prefixing suitable symbols and sorting by Name, but I was hoping to have the flexibility of a completely custom sorted list at the top level.

Any thoughts on how my first DTP2 database might have permitted the arrangement I want, while the subsequent ones I’ve created don’t? :confused:

For whatever help it may be to random passers-by, here’s the response to my ticket for the above issue:

That’s of some use to know. I hope the wait’s not long. :slight_smile: