Original files moved...

I moved the folder containing my documents from the local hard drive to a server. Is there any possibilty to tell DT where the folder can now be found without the need to import everything again? I tried the information button in DT to change the path but if it would work (which it does not) it would only work for single documents and not for a complete folder.



I think you mean importing them from the server and setting up your groups again.

I think you want to use
File > Export > Files and Folders…
into a temporary directory.
this will not remove any entries from your database.

The DEVONtech_storage file(s) will contain copies of all of your links. there will be one DEVONtech_storage file on the base level, and one in each folder and subfolder.

Use an XML editor, HTML editor, or plain text editor to Find and Replace the old path with the new one.

save your original database as backup, then create a new database and
File > Import > Files and Folders…
the contents of the temporary directory.

all your links should now point to the new path!

If all your documents were located in one folder, you could create an alias at the same position pointing to the folder on the server.

Great! Thanks for the quick reply.