Orphaned files after crash

DEVONthink crashed when moving files between databases and now I am left with 1000’s of orphaned in the the source database and with (corresponding ??) 1000’s of file names that display ‘file missing’ in the target.

How do I fix this mess created by DEVONthink?

  • Where are the source and destination databases located?
  • Are the documents you were moving imported or indexed?
    • If indexed, from where?

Both databases are on the local disk. Unindexed

Hold the Option key and choose Help > Report bug to start a support ticket so we can examine the logs.

But the short story is, orphaned items need to be manually refiled. If you (hopefully) have been diligent in your backups, you could restore the database(s) to before you tried the mass move of the items.

OK, will do.

Pls note:

  1. I do not think I have any data loss as the files that are identified as orphans on the source database are still there and on the target the files are shown as names but when try to preview they are missing. If I could somehow match those or assume they are same how could I replace the bad files on the target with the ‘orphan’ PDF’s on the target?
  2. I do not have backup as this las t large move is a part of a migration of an old database from and iPad. I still have the data on the origin so i restarted the process already.
    So no data loss but extremely inconvenient inconvenient.