OS X 10.9.1: Apple Mail Plugin - Read This

If you have upgraded to Mavericks 10.9.1 and use DEVONthink Pro Office, you will probably need to re-install the DEVONthink Apple Mail plugin. The first time you run DEVONthink after the Mavericks upgrade, DEVONthink should prompt you to update – if it doesn’t, or you’ve skipped that step, check the numerous threads here (such as this) that explain how to update the plugin.

Thanks for the heads-up Korm. I was prompted by DT when I opened after the update, and all seems to be working fine.

With OSX 10.9.1, I’ve reinstalled the Mail plugin.

Mail has the menu item - “Add to DevonThink Pro Office”, but frequently when I select a mail message and select “Add to DevonThink Pro Office”, I see the notification
Apple Mail: Imported 0 mail messages.

Or I’ll see the notification
Apple Mail: Imported 3 mail messages.
but I can’t find any imported items in my inbox

If there are zero message imported then there will not be anything in the inbox.

Check your settings at DEVONthink > Preferences > Import > Destination. That destination is where the mail should be placed.