OS X Mavericks Tag Format

I know we are only one day post-announcement, but does anyone know if the OS X Mavericks’ tag format is Openmeta/Openmeta compatible? Sure would be nice if that’s the case.

Seems details haven’t hit the interwebs yet. Most 10.9 news is still typical, redundant post-event “press release” regurgitation. If nothing sooner, I’d expect sufficient curiosity quelling coverage in John Siracusa’s next Ars Technica OS X review.

Thanks for not referring to OpenMeta as a standard. :slight_smile:

No info yet (and I’ve got more interest in this than most 8) ). I’m hopeful it’s an adoption but an extension.

As a blue Anuran reminded me, DEVONthink stores tags as a list property in the database. So, DEVONthink could be in a position to write out tags to whatever method Apples uses in Mavericks tags. IOW, the DEVONthink databases you have, and the possibility of at least temporarily indexing anything else that has OpenMeta tags before upgrading to 10.9 when the time comes, might be hedging strategy for future-proofing one’s investment in tagging.

dendrobates azureus 8)

Sounds like migration from OpenMeta to Mavericks tags will be relatively painless:

Apple’s new tags in Mavericks and OpenMeta - Google Groups

Perhaps painless if/when everyone upgrades their apps and OS to the new format, but the transition could be a challenge. That is, unless perhaps documents can support both the _kMDItemUserTags and the kMDItemOMUserTags extended attribute name at the same time?

I actually think both will coexist though I could be wrong. Part of the way OpenMeta worked was writing to the Apple namespace (and what we were heavily criticized for - though Case / Gravity Apps ended doing the same thing later). If it remains com.apple._kMDItemUserTags then the likelihood of both working is high.

The thing I want to know is it all string-based still. That’s one of the flaws in OpenMeta, it’s all text. Using dates and numbers, at a minimum, would be far more useful for appropriate sorting and searching.

I’ll side with coexistence over you being wrong. :slight_smile:

I’d guess string-based, supporting embedded spaces, based on what’s shown in the keynote’s tagging demo and on the Mavericks Tags page. And it looks like the UI isn’t designed to support large numbers of them.

Text on that Tags page says If you have documents stored in multiple iCloud libraries, …; are multiple iCloud libraries new in 10.9?

Seeing this:

New OS X uses Windows file sharing by default | Ars Technica

… got me wondering, will tags only be supported on HFS+ volumes and iCloud?

Thank’s for the Mavericks Tags link. It looks like the “Click to tag” control in the Finder bar is very similar to the “Label” control – which might suggest that “tagging” in Mavericks is merged with Labels and is merely the ability to add some / limited / unlimited number of labels and colors. No way that the Finder sidebar could be useful (or even usable) with the population of tags that I have in DEVONthink. In fact, if Mavericks imported my tags I’d be quickly turning off that part of the sidebar.

Makes sense; I read similar labels/tags merging speculation somewhere yesterday. Looks like current label metadata is stored as part of the com.apple.FinderInfo extended attribute (with kMDItemFSLabel keys) while new tags metadata will use a separate com.apple._kMDItemUserTags attribute (with ??? keys), whatever implications that has if correct.

Yes. (I meant “merged” in an informal, UI sense, not in a formal attributes sense. I notice that Apple’s Finder screen shots from Maverick have no Label control.)