OT: Annotations / Citations / Papers 3


I’m new to the world of referencing other documents.
I have decided to use Papers 3 to store the url to the pdf I need.

I then need to take parts of it, quite a long English Law documents, and use them in my own document. I have done a google to see the difference between annotations and citations.

The only thing I can come up with is that citations are used when I want to copy and reference the actual text and annotations are more for my own personal use and are kept inside the actual reference document.

Am I close please?

Wow, opened a bag over worms here.
Going back to just using DT to annotate and store in a separate text file!

Wait … what?

Anyway – your definitions of citation and annotation look good to me.

Hi mate,

It all got too complicated.
I have used one of the many different scripts available to annotate into a separate file the parts of the .pdf I need to reference.

I thought DT was all I needed, I just got lured by the chance of using yet more s/w :slight_smile:

And thanks for the confirmation.
The additional thing that I seem to have found out is that the annotations are then used to make the citations.