Other 3rd Party Apps that play well with DEVONthink To Go?

I see on this page…
devon-technologies.com/produ … index.html

…that it mentions the following:

“Capture data or open documents in a third-party app like GoodReader. Add PDFs, images, or text documents from other apps to your DEVONthink Inbox.”

and this…

“Supports TextExpander touch snippet expansion”

Are there any other 3rd party apps that work well with DEVONthink To Go?

OmniFocus and DEVONthink work especially well together. I can run the reminder script in DT (or paste the document link in a task note) to create a task in OmniFocus that links back to a document in DT. If the document is synced to DTTG, clicking on the document’s link in OmniFocus will open the document in DTTG. The linkage between the apps works both ways. I can drag projects and/or tasks from OmniFocus to DEVONthink, and click on those links in DTTG to open the tasks in OmniFocus.

I received a question about the availability of the Reminder script-It’s installed with DT Pro and Pro Office. Look at ‘Reminders’ in the script menu (between ‘Window’ and ‘Help’). There are scripts for iCal, Things, THL, Taskpaper, and OmniFocus.

Really? The link is preserve in DTTG and it will open OmniFocus on the iPad by clicking it? Does it also work in the other direction i.e. a link from Devon inserted in a task can be use to direct to a file/folder inn DTTG from OmniFocus?

If true I would really like this feature in Things which also work really well on the Mac side but on the iPad the link just becomes the following plain text: [link]

Yes, that should work in both directions.

Yes, as Eric mentioned it works in both directions. I find the most value in the OmniFocus task > DEVONthink document link. I rarely use links in the database to tasks/projects in OmniFocus. With Things, I expect that it would be fairly simple (but then I’m not a programmer) to make the link functional in the iOS versions and I have submitted a feature request to Cultured Code for this. If the link is clickable, the OS will take care of launching the appropriate iOS app.

Try Notes Plus - a really great notes app with a variety of inputs (handwriting, typing, audio) and the promise of handwriting recognition in the not too distant future.

It is already relatively easy to get a page from Notes Plus into DevonThink to Go: email the page to yourself and then open the attachment in DTTG.

It would be really interesting if there was an option in Notes Plus that did this directly.