Other users can't open DEVONagent (OS X 10.3)

(Running OS X 10.3.5 on 1GHz eMac G4.)

I just installed DEVONagent for trial by dragging its icon into the Applications folder and doing the logout/login as instructed. The installation made me Owner and I can use DA from my account.

I want DA to be available to other users of this computer. But when my wife logs in to her account and double clicks on the “DEVONagent” name in the Applications folder, she gets a message that she does not have permission to use it and she should consult the Administrator. As Administrator of this computer, I have played with the Permissions for this item in the Info panel, but have found none that permits her to open the application.

My OS X reference book says that giving “Others” Read-only permission should do it, but it doesn’t work. Neither does Read & Write permission. I even gave my wife Ownership of the app., but it didn’t help.

I have installed other OS X applications in the past, but have never encountered such a problem. Any suggestions?