Ouch! Filesystem Sync

I thought I’d found a perfect solution, then. . .

I use Dropbox, a lot. I have iAnnotatePDF on my iPad which I use to annotate and take notes. I keep all PDFs synced to Dropbox via iAnnotatePDF. As I’m an MBA student wanted an indexed, tagged, and manageable collection of all the readings, cases, etc along with my notes and such. I thought that DTProOffice would do the trick.

However, what I seemed to have missed was that DT doesn’t just import a file’s location, it imports the file making it unaccessible via dropbox to my iPad. What this means is that if I have a file on Dropbox (that has been imported to DT) and I open it in iAnnotatePDF, make changes, and sync back to Dropbox when I open the file back up in DT it has no ability to see/index my changes.

I’m currently in trial and this is a deal killer. Is there any way around this? I don’t see that the iPad product would help and the reviews are horrible in any case.



P.S. This is also pretty inefficient in my case as it is a duplication of the files. If I ONLY worked in DT it would be fine, but it would just be part of an already established work-flow.

Instead of Importing those Dropbox files, Index them into DEVONthink, e.g., File > Index - selected files & folders.

That hit the spot, thank you! Couple more quick questions for anybody:

  1. I assume it will auto re-index when it detects changes in indexed files or will it need to be manual?

  2. Is there anyway to get it to create new files in the paths that have been indexed?

For example, I have the structure /school/class 1/notes/

If I’m in DT and I go to to ‘notes’ in the structure and add, say a .markdown document, is there a way to get it to drop the document there instead of DT’s own structure?



Oops, there was one more:

  1. Will it automatically pick up and index new documents placed within that tree?