Out of sync - problem


I started using DVT for my bookkeeping in March 2018. First I was alone. Now we use the database on 3 computers syncing via dropbox.

The database now has many thousand invoices, financial statements and so on.

We notice that the databases are out of sync and strange things start to happen.

My MAIN question is:

  • is DVT designed to be used SIMULTANIOUSLY and syncing?
  • Is there an easy way to compare databases?
  • what is the best procedure to re-sync?

Thanks for urgent help and support because this really makes or breaks it for us to be using DVT for this kind of application.


Sure. Do all computers use the same Dropbox account & sync store for synchronizing? Is a verification (see contextual menu in Preferences > Sync) successful?


Verify database in preferences/sync is succesfull
Verify and repair is succesfull on both local computers

A screenshot of Preferences > Sync from both computers would be useful, thank you. In addition, is anything logged to Windows > Log?

image image

Thank you for the screenshot! What exactly is out of sync? According to the screenshot you’ve cleaned the sync store. Are the same databases enabled after selecting the sync store in the preferences?


Yes, we noticed last week that changes were not reflected on the other computer. So I cleaned the sync store and re-synced the “original” computer with the sync store.

The same databases were enabled afterwards.

And the databases are still not identical? What is different in the databases?