Outdated pdf viewer

Now that iCloud sync has finally materialized, there is one thing missing: a good pdf viewer. The currrent pdf viewer is missing many standard features, such as outlines and tabs.

Hopefully this will get updated soon

PDF Viewer by PSPDF (Free, iOS App Store) is a great PDF viewer that allows you to open files in place – as in, they aren’t copied into the app, they are opened from and auto0saved to the location in which they are already saved.

If you have PDFs in DEVONthink you want to read in a more elegant PDF reader, just use the file picker in PDF Viewer to locate them in your DEVONthink Database and you’re off to the races. No duplicates, no copying, just seamless access to your PDFs stored in DTTG using an external app. Pretty solid setup if you ask me!

(Interestingly, DEVONthink To Go actually uses the PSPDF PDF engine for the PDF reader, you’ll see some similarities, but PDF Viewer has a more advanced set of features.)


I have been using pdf viewer, thanks to its Files app integration it makes up for some of the deficiencies of the Devonthink pdf engine

However, that means that you lose some of the functionality inherent to Devonthink (such as copy page link) and you downgrade your Devonthink experience to using it just as a file manager.

Indeed, this is the sacrifice! Something I grapple with on both macOS and iOS!