Outline mode disappoints! (constructive comments inside)

I was more than a little disappointed at the “outline” mode. It was no more than a normal folder with a checkbox icon, which moreover is only visible in one of the views (the tree view). Currently, it’s a to-do list, and a mediocre one at that.

But things can be improved!

The following functions are missing, at least (the most obvious, to me, first):

  • The possibility to (re)order items inside the outline. That’s how outlines work. You write stuff, and reorder them. (not according to name, date of creation, etc, but according to the order you want at the moment.)
  • The possibility to have other document types as part of the outline. Texts, would be the first to include. Before folders, actually.
  • The possibility to group documents into folders that can be expanded / shrunk in the outline. (In the current implementation, they are folders, I know. But the folders are invisible in some (at least one view), for instance the tree view / document view. There folders are in the tree and documents in the documents view. But the outline has to be visible to be useful…
  • The possibility to view the outline as one document (everything merged into a document).

Apologies if these improvements are all in the plan for the final release.

thanks for the feedback!

This has been requested and is at least sufficient for some users. But DEVONthink will never be a real “outliner”.

Just switch to Unsorted (see menu View).

The checkbox can be enabled for all items via the contextual menu or the Info panel.

This will probably come but won’t be editable.

That’s quite impressive actually. :smiley: