Outliner in DevonThink

I’d like to use the (very) simple outlining functions, but the only success I’ve had is creating new outline items. The (very) simple manual says I can select an item and 1) open the info panel and select Outline, or 2) “Toogle Outline” via the contextual menu.

I see no Outline option in the info panel. By selecting an item and clicking on the Show Info button, maybe I’ve got the wrong panel?

I find nothing in the manual that says how to access the contextual menus. I assume right-click for multi-button devices or ctrl-click for single-button devices, but this does not show a “Toogle Outline” option. Nor toggle. Is there another contextual menu?

The “Outline” status option in the Info panel was renamed “Show Status” some time ago, and the user guide has not been updated.:unamused:

“Show Status” creates a status box for the item, which can be either checked or unchecked.

More useful outliner features are promised in future versions of DT.

Duh. I should have explored a bit more; tried a few things… Oh well, thanks for setting me straight!

I see Show Status is in the context menu, too. At least I was right about how to access that!

FWIW, you might want to check out Inspiration at inspiration.com
I’m moving all my information from there to DevonThink cuz they don’t respond to my idiotic support questions. But as a place to stow text and other info, Inspiration is a close second to DT and their outliner is pretty good…

Thanks again!