Outlining (list) functionality

I’m continually finding that DT3 surpasses my expectations. I have nothing but high praise for the DT team.

The only shortfall I’ve found is with the “list” (ie outlining) function. I repeatedly find that it’s inadequate, often “losing” the outline’s structure, requiring a manual rebuild of the bullet-pointed or numbered items.

I think one thing it needs—as the associated button combinations required to move items to and fro don’t seem universally effective—is a simple “left” and “right” button combo in the editing bar, the way Microsoft Word offers, so that one may “increase” or “decrease” the indent.

I hope that’s clear.

Thank you for your great work!

Thanks for the kind comments.

You haven’t defined what kind of file you’re referring to. There isn’t a singular format in DEVONthink.

Good point. I’m referring to Rich Text files that I’ve rendered within DT3. This is not in reference to any imported files.

have you tried option-tab to outline with RTF?

Yes, i have. I’ve continually found items “falling out” of alignment and that I can no longer apply indentation rules to that item. I have to copy and paste all of the items back into the outline form. Should I move this to bug, or keep it here as a dev suggestion (for editor bar buttons to decrease/increase indent)?