Outlook 16 Indexed to Devonthink 3

So before I purchase can this even be done?
And does it auto-update the indexing once a new mail comes in?
Manually indexing emails is not an option nor trying to have my Outlook account use in “Mail”

Thank you

Welcome @os.hybrid

DEVONthink does not index emails. It copies them when you do a import.

Following this up. When I was doing an Import on my Outlook folder, whole folders (and I assume emails) appear to be missing. Does it only import only what is on the computer? or can it import from the Exchange server?

From what I read in the documentation, DT imports email only from local clients.

Check Window > Log and I’m guessing you’ll see messages about already imported emails.

So we have to constantly keep archiving a .pst file each day to make it possible to be able to read the outlook email?

I don’t know anything about Outlook, so I wouldn’t know if you have to import pst files or not. All I’m saying is that DT is not an email client. And it does not support IMAP or (horribile dictu) POP3. So there’s no „sync“ with an email server.
I think DTs offer is to archive email, not to replace an email reader.

I understand that it is not an email reader. I am just trying to figure out how to bring email into it (archive) In the context of getting an email from Outlook onto the local drive. I am asking if I have to form a PST file and then re archive that every few days or so to make it searchable in the DB?

If you’re running the Pro or Server edition of DEVONthink, export .mbox files and choose File > Import > Unix mailbox or use Archive Mailbox in DEVONthink’s View > Import sidebar.

Adding to what @BLUEFROG said above:

You need a periodic workflow like this:

  • Export Outlook mail to .mbox
  • In DT, go to the Import sidebar and Import or Archive the .mbox file. The difference is (HT @BLUEFROG ):

Archive Mailbox will import a mailbox and attempt to keep its underlying structure (including sub-maiboxes) as well. It also will file the emails into an Email group in the database.

Import Email can import a Mailbox but will not keep the structure or import sub-mailboxes. It also imports in the current location in the database.

  • Note that DT will not import a message already in the database, so if (like me) you’re in the habit of importing individual mails for specific purposes, you need a strategy. Mine is to have a separate DT database exclusively for email.

There isn’t a way to have Outlook automatically pass emails to DT. And DT will only accept emails that are local (it doesn’t interact with Outlook or Outlook’s mail fetch features - the same is true for other mail clients).

Hope that helps. There’s a useful thread here that discusses various aspects of email import & archive

So the question now would be how are you exporting?
Are you first exporting as an OLT, then using a converter?
Or are you following something like the steps outlined online about dragging and dropping an email folder to the finder, then simply point DT 3 to it and import?