Outlook for Mac: Importer not showing a gmail account?

I use outlook Mac for my work based accounts and this includes one gmail account. The Devonthink importer sees all the MS/Exchange accounts but not the gmail one. Not a major issue as I can see, and import the account through apple mail. Just wondered if I was missing something though. Can adevonthink import be done via Outlook for Mac for gmail accounts?

Which version of macOS and DEVONthink do you use? A screenshot of the accounts in both Outlook and DEVONthink would be great, thank you!

The Outlook version is 16.46 and DT Pro 3.6.3. Unfortunately I’d have to redact so much of the academic and health service email info in the screen shots of DTP and Outlook that it would be near useless - sorry. But it’s definitely showing in Outlook but not the DTP importer.
Like I said it shows up in the Apple mail importer when I add the account to that so I’m not overly inconvenienced.

Sometimes the accounts or mailboxes retrieved from email clients via AppleScript/AppleEvents to DEVONthink are not exactly organized like in the user interface of the email client or have a different name. Might this be possible?

Mmm … 4 accounts showing in the importer with 5 accounts in outlook … the 5th in outlook is the gmail account not in the importer. I’ve opened up each account in the importer in case it was hiding!
Also closed and opened each of the apps … I’ll try a reboot of my Mac now and let you know.

Are you using the new interface of Outlook?

Reboot didn’t change anything and I have the new outlook toggled to OFF as some of my work accounts are not compatible yet.

Ugh! I’m getting an oauth error trying to add a Gmail account to Outlook.

Oh dear! Not entirely sure what that means though :rofl:

I was trying to add a gmail account to Outlook to see if I can reproduce the behavior. Haven’t gotten the account added to test it yet.