Overcast links in DT URL schemes

As far as I can tell, Overcast links, like https://overcast.fm/+I_XgdVYxE/18:05, can’t be successfully added to DEVONthink or DEVONthink to go using URL schemes. All attempts result in records with broken URLs.


I think the problem is that all Overcast links include a /+. Other trials using this character combination also break, such as:


(I know that doesn’t point to a real web address, but DT doesn’t even try to resolve it into a 404.)

Development would have to weigh in on this, but why are you trying to add the bookmark vai a URL scheme?

As part of the shortcut I use to save all the things:

I only use the bookmark URL scheme as a failsafe for links inappropriate to convert to a PDF (e.g., a podcast episode listing).

Did you try to percent escape the URL which should be added?

Shortcuts’ URL Encode action didn’t do anything, but I suppose I could manually find and replace the plus sign with %2B… I’ll try it and update later.