Overflowing Inboxes!

So, I have been trying to integrate DevonThink into my daly workflow. I have three databases that pretty much cover everything. I PREFER to get EVERYTHING in DevonThink instead of just indexing external files.

That being said, my inboxes are constantly overflowing with avalanches of incoming files. Furthermore, when creating NEW files, I need to save in external directories and THEN import into DevonThink.

In a perfect world, my entire universe would be in DevonThink. I can SEE the POTENTIAL! But right now, I straddle between the finder and DevonThink with a bunch of temp folders. Any advice, suggestions (or encouragement :slight_smile: appreciated!


If you are using DT Pro or Pro Office:

  1. Moving Finder files/folders into the “Inbox” place in the Finder will move them into your Global Inbox.

  2. New files created in almost all applications such as word processors, spreadsheets, etc. can be directly sent to your Global Inbox by choosing File > Save. Once captured into your database, to edit such a document under its parent application click on “Open Externally” in the Toolbar, or Control-click on it in the list and choose “Open With…”. When finished editing, choose File > Save and the changes will be made in your database.

Like you, I prefer Import-captured databases and don’t want dangling copies of my documents out in the Finder.

Thanks Bill.
I think your suggestion to ‘just do it’ and capture everything immediately into DT is the way to go. I just need to be more disciplined and get used to/remember to do this as a constant workflow.