Override Automatic Wiki Links

I have automatic Wiki links turns on but or a particular entry on a page it’s linking to the wrong entry. How do I override this?

You could create a static cross-link to the desired destination via the contextual menu.

I had a similar problem. I had a blog document called “About”. When I turned on Wiki linking, every instance of the word “about” in every document was a Wiki link to this document.

I turned Wiki linking off, changed the name of About, and turned it back on.

The moral of the story is: don’t name your documents common prepositions. But don’t worry, it can be fixed easily.

Another possibility might be to switch the Wiki preferences to “MashedWords and Aliases” and not to use “Names and Aliases” if the names of documents in your database are too general.

I wouldn’t consider ‘List’ to be a common preposition! Perhaps what you mean is common words? Apart from some obvious exceptions who is to say what a common word is? It will very much depend on the context of the user. It should be possible to have a context menu command to override an automatic WikiLink.

Not having a method to override a particular WikiLink undermines the whole benefit of having automatic WikiLinks in the first place. The point is that having such a feature should mean that I don’t have to create each link individually. However there will always be times when the automatic link is not required and I feel it is reasonable to expect to be able to override it in those situations.

cgrunberg: I don’t want this word to link to anything at all in this case.

I agree with psmyth, although my WikiLink experience is minimal.


  • Is there a way to find which documents have links in them and/or which ones have links referencing them?
  • What’s the recommended way to select link text for editing since clicking on it follows the link?
  • Are aliases created by adding them to the Aliases field of the Show Info pane? And/or is there some automatic way it can happen?
    The first might not make sense when using automatic WikiLinks since there’d likely be a lot of them. What I’m really trying to understand before delving into this future is how to locate links I’ve created manually in case I want to unlink them later.


Is using 'aliases" in the info panel (Tools/show info) inside DT a form of tagging? Although they become potential alternative wiki-link terms, are these words also included in database searches to find ‘similar’ documents? That would be nice if so :slight_smile:

No, aliases should be unique (used by only one item) contrary to tags (used by many items) and are only used for automatic Wiki links at the moment.