Override PDF Import Settings?

First off, let me say, excellent job on the new DevonThink 1.9! Since you’ve been working so hard, I’ll give you a break before I start inquiring about DT Pro (although I am itchin’ to give you some cash for the holidays!).

OK, my question: Is there any way to override the default PDF import settings on a case-by-case basis? For example, I usually want to keep PDF files where they are, but occasionally, I’ll be pulling in stuff from the web and I want to put the PDF in the database folder. Right now, I go into preferences and change it temporarily and then switch it back when I’m done. Is there an easier way to do this? Thanks.



you pointed on a problem that I see in a broader context: There are some more preferences that I would like to change on the fly as well, like where to store a new memo etc.

May be we should create a list where we collect all preferences that should become an option while working in the database?


You could set the preference to copy the files to the database folder and everytime you don’t want to copy the PDF documents, use the “File > Link” command or press command and option modifier keys while dragging & dropping the documents to DT.

Note: Linking PDF documents/images is basically identical to the combination “import but don’t copy”.

Not quite sure I follow that but I probably agree. :slight_smile:

There’s already been discussion relating to redesigning preferences support for multiple databases and that may bring improvements in how they’ll interact when importing.