overriding font size of original documents (mainly Word)

I can’t find this in Help or here… I put a lot of Word files into DV Pro and want to read them there (no editing needed). But often these documents have silly font sizes (typically 10) which I can only read if I peer close to the screen. I can currently only change it by opening the thing in Word, changing the font size, reading it and then undoing (because these are not documents I am supposed to alter and may need to send out to people).

So can/could DV have a preference to force a certain minimum font size when doing its preview (non-editing) of these documents, saving me all this trouble (not least the launching of Word, which is a CPU hog and slows down Macspeech Dictate)?

You can switch to an alternate view via the navigation bar (see icon “Text View/Preview”) and then zoom in/out.

Thanks. Can I request that we be able to do this in separate windows that DV opens when you double-click on a file? I’m using a Laptop a lot so the main window is pretty cramped and I tend to read in separate windows…

You already have that ability. See the presence of the Text button in this screenshot of a Word document open in its own window.
Word file in own window.jpg

I don’t see all those. I see only as attached

Nor do I see how to switch those on via Customize Toolbar.

This is really helpful – if you can tell me how to switch it all on! I’m running 2.0pb4 Devonkthink Pro [is this available in that version?]

(it doesn’t seem to want to take the image – I see the bar with word count, unlock etc, and the default buttons Open Externally, Full Screen etc but no Style bar as you show)

Move the slider rightwards to see the right side of the image. Look in the address bar, which holds the word count in this case. The text button to toggle between Quick Look and rich text view of the .doc document is on that line.

Toggle to rich text view and your can use the keyboard shortcut to magnify the apparent size of the font, Control-Command-Up Arrow.

ah, now I see that my question was answered earlier too (I hadn’t realised that button was called Text/Preview. Thanks to you both, this is what I needed to know.