padding the text area

In Preferences there is an option to make the text take up some percentage of the total width of the screen. Is there anything like this when working in normal view? I would prefer not to use the ruler to create what is, in effect, simply visual padding so that the text I am typing is not up against other parts of the DT interface. MacJournal has this option in its “hidden” preferences. Is any such thing possible in DT? (Please note that I am not conflating the functionality of MJ and DT. I use MJ for journaling and blogging; I use DT for practically everything else.)

There is not default for this, but there is an approach that works well for new documents. For example, for new RTFs:

  1. Create an RTF file with the margins and other features you want.
  2. Save it as a template (File > Export > As Template) to
    ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink Pro 2/Templates.noindex
    Let’s use the name “RTF 7.5” just for example
  3. Refresh the templates list (Data > New from Template > Update Templates Menu)
  4. In System Preferences > Keyboard > Application Shortcuts > DEVONthink add a keyboard shortcut for RTF 7.5

All this is one-time set up. And you can edit the template whenever you want to add new formats or features to it.

That will do in a pinch, but I will also put a plug in for being able to adjust the padding on the text area box itself.

Follow-on question to your idea: is there a way to change the default location for templates? I keep all my DT databases in my Dropbox folder so that I can access them from my laptop or desktop at home or my iMac at work. It works great, but I think I am approaching that moment of being a reasonably good user of DevonThink that I want to use templates more often. I’d like to keep them in a place that’s central to me and not to the application. (This is something you can change in the preferences to something like Microsoft Office, for example.)

Can’t change the default location for templates, but you can put a template anywhere you want and put an alias in the DEVONthink templates folder. Works fine.