Page count in Database Properties?

Hello. First time posting here. I have looked all over for answer to this. Is there a way to calculate total number of pages in my database? I see under Database properties number of PDFs and total file size but no info on number of pages. Thanks!

There’s a script “Count PDF pages” available via Scripts > More Scripts… Just select the documents to be included and run this script. To easily select all PDF documents, you could select the results of a smart group like “Kind is PDF/PS”.

It’s been a long time since anyone addressed this issue. I’m having the same issue, and I tried that script. It works great for displaying the page count of a single PDF in a pop-up, but what I’m looking to, like the first user, is come up with a way to identify all PDFs within DevonThink that have more than 1 page.

When I first got my ScanSnap, I scanned a ton of unrelated documents into merged PDF files. Ive since learned my lesson, but I’m trying to hunt down those scattered PDFs throughout DevonThink so I can create a workflow to fix the issue.

I dont mind if this manifests as a SMART GROUP, a column in the db viewer, or another solution that lives outside of DevonThink, but Id really love a way to isolate all the bundled files in my system.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Future releases will be able to display the page count in list view and to sort items by page count. In the meantime the only possibility would be to use a script.