Page Setup always back to "Any Printer"

Hi there,

Every time I launch DT3, the page setup is back to “Any Printer”, even if I changed it the last time I used the app. Then if I forget to change it manually every time I start DT3, the documents I printed with DT3 have too big/small margins.

Any clue how to definitely set the page setup for a specific printer?

Thanks for your help!

What kind of documents do you print?

PDF files

It’s not possible to change the margins, pages can be only automatically rotated/scaled (see DEVONthink 3 specific print settings of the print panel).

Sure, but isn’t it possible to always have the same printer under File>Page Setup? Just to avoid DT3 to switch back to “Any Printer”?

This doesn’t affect the printer used by File > Print, only the default page setup. File > Print… should actually remember the last used printer.

That’s the point, as soon as I quit and relaunch DT3, File Print is back on “Any Printer” and has forgotten the last used printer!

There’s actually no “Any Printer” option in File > Print…, only in File > Page Setup. Which macOS version do you use?

Page Setup doesn’t remember the last printer used.
Printing does.

Sorry, I was not clear/right.

Look at those 2 screenshots obtained with “File>Print” of a standard PDF file.

On the 1st, the text is closer to the top of the page. After I launched DT3, File>Page Setup was (by default?) “Any Printer” (even if it was “HP Officejet…” before I quit).

On the 2nd screenshot, the text is slightly lower, and that’s the correct version which should be printed (and which is printed when I open the file with Preview or PDF Expert). I just changed File>Page Setup to “HP Officejet” before File>Print.

But does that mean that I should change it manually every time I launch DT3?

As all of this is completely handled by macOS it’s hard to tell whether it’s supposed to work that way (or if it’s just another bug in the PDFkit framework of macOS). Which macOS version do you use? Which page setup do you use for Any Printer and which for your HP Officejet? Finally, could you send the document to cgrunenberg - at - Thanks!

I’m using macOS v10.14.6.

How can I check which page setup version I use?

This happens with all the PDF I try to print directly from DT3. However I send this one to you with pleasure :wink:

Screenshots of File > Page Setup for Any Printer and all other printers would be sufficient.

I sent you a few minutes ago the PDF as well as the 2 screenshots.