Page Setup when 'open external'

When printing a rtf document (‘new rtf doc…’) via ‘extern öffnen’, I got alway US letter as page-format - while my general settings (saved, text edit, Devonthink shows both ‘A4’ )

“Open externally” just writes a temporary RTF document (without modifying this document, its margins or paper format) and tells OS X to launch this file. There’s no printing involved. In addition, DEVONthink does never specify a paper format and therefore I wonder if this is related to all or only some documents?


when creating a new doc in TextEdit, page-margins are for A4

I believe, there is a ‘native’ page-format, wich is US


Just tried this and both TextEdit and DEVONthink use A4 over here. If you could send us an example and a complete system profile (see System Profiler > File > Save as), we could check this on our own. Thanks.

ok - have sent in some screenshots (support@devon…) and a system prof

TextEdit is fine (A4), DT is fine (A4) -> but when exporting a rtf , TextEdit has US letter :frowning: