Page View & Scrivener


Is it possible in DT’s 2-pane view to display a RTF document as it would be printed, like Scrivener does with View > Text Editing > Show Page View?

EDIT: I’ll elaborate on that a bit. I need to keep bits of text in separate double-sided index cards, and I’d like to be able to do that in DT where I keep all the project’s info. However, I can’t find a way of visualizing page limits in DT so that I know if the text is longer than the index card page size. It’s easy to view this in Scrivener.

No, this isn’t possible. Only while printing it’s possible to rewrap the document.

Not the best of news, because I find DT increasingly more difficult to work with than other applications when printing is involved. As an example, what is the correct procedure to get a RTF document to print on an index card? Page setup is correct but DT display a preview of very small text although scaling is turn on. Setting this up in Scrivener and even in Microsoft Word is extremely easy. It should be so in DT too IMHO.

Choose “DEVONthink” in the popup menu (the one below “Orientation”) and enable the option “Rewrap contents to fit page”.

Thank you. For some reason it results in ridiculously large margins.

IMHO, if info mgt is the main reason for using DT3 then there are always work arounds.
(1) use “open with” in the contextual menu and select the appropriate external app for whatever format of text you’d like to print?
(2) I’m not 100% sure but I believe that this can be done: If you use Scrivener 3 to create an empty project, you can put all ur notes into an index group, and sync Scrivener with the same external folder. Then you can share/print the same notes using Scrivener functionality.

Thank you. Yes, I know there are workarounds. I can do text layout in Word and view it in DT, but then it doesn’t look even vaguely similar in DTTG and DT3. I’m not sure I get your Scrivener indexing proposition, I don’t understand if you mean create a DT group or a special folder in Scrivener.

IMHO basic page formatting such as margins and page breaks should be available for viewing and editing in DT3, it’s not like I’m surprised by the absence of variable-gutter columns or advanced ligatures…