Pages as Default External Editor for .doc/.rtf Files

It would be great to use Pages '09 as the default editor for .doc/.rtf files with DTP but there are problems. I’m hoping there may be a solution.

After changing the default app to Pages '09 when opening .doc and .rtf files (in the Finder), files in DTP will open externally with Pages as expected. But then if one attempts to edit the file and save it back into the DPT database structure, you can’t access the internal folders of the package.Word and Nisus Writer Pro both do this well when set as the default apps for opening files externally. They hold their place in the internal package structure and allow you to save the file directly back into the DTP database. But no luck with Mellel or Pages.

Any suggestions or solutions?

Thanks in advance.

I suspect that the problem is that Save after an edit within Pages will attempt to save the edit with the “.pages” filetype – but there’s no such document within your database, and the revised document cannot write over the existing .doc or .docx file.

Pages can Export the modified document as a Word file, but if you choose that option, Pages can’t see the link back to your Word file within the database.

I don’t know a solution at the moment, other than to Export from Pages as a Word file, then Import that file to your database.