pages disappear with cmd+z while manipulating pages in a PDF

I discovered this the other night and it made my life a small hell for a few hours.

I will sometimes scan a whole bunch of documents (unrelated to each other) with a Fujitsu ScanSnap + OCR, creating a single PDF+Text file.

My work flow currently involves going through this single PDF file and SPLITTING it repeatedly until they are all in their separate files.

Sometimes, I accidentally hit INSERT BLANK PAGE because it is next to the SPLIT DOCUMENT in the contextual menu.

My natural reaction is to UNDO this by hitting CMD + Z instead of deleting the blank page… But this DOESN’T WORK!

What actually happens is that ALL the pages in that document disappear, leaving a single blank page. It seems that the pages are gone forever.

Thankfully I have ScanSnap manager create duplicates of everything it scans; located in a folder I call “ScanSnap Repository”. But it was still a nightmare because it happened on the very first split of the document and I had no idea which pages DevonThink Pro Office had seemingly destroyed…

The caution has made my workflow THAT much slower.

Serious fix required?


Thank you for the bug report! We’re sorry for the troubles, the next maintenance release (2.4.1) will fix this and will be available later this week.

Thanks for the super fast response to that problem! It goes to show great customer service. Looking forward to the update!