Pages disappearing, failing to load

Anyone else having this problem? It’s just since the last update:
I capture a link from a web page – the page I’m on disappears, forcing me to reload it. I go to the link I’ve captured, it fails to load at first try. I have to go to another item, then come back to it – it loads the second time.
I’m having similar difficulties with PDFs and other docs: first time it fails to load, second time loads fine. Also saving the URLs of tabs: when saved, the tab itself – or rather, the page, heading and URL – disappears.

Hello? Anyone? Help!

When I Control-click (right click) on a link (in DEVONthink’s internal browser) and select the ‘Capture Link’ option, a bookmark is saved and I don’t lose the page being viewed.

Are you perhaps running Safari 4 beta?

I am using Safari 4 (beta). Is that what’s doing it?

I’m running Safari 3, you are running Safari 4 beta. Our computers respond differently to certain commands, apparently because of new WebKit bugs.

Actually, I’ve just discovered that it only happens when I’m in “Three Panes” view – not in “Split” view. So it looks like it’s a bug in that particular view.

I was using Three Panes view. :slight_smile: